Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is one of those special tourist destinations where everything is almost to perfection. If you are preparing for a trip to Saratoga Springs, you should not miss our Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs article.

1. Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail

Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail

This is the first place that Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs suggest to you. This is a place I’m sure you’ll enjoy exploring. You can completely feel the fresh air and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail is also a favorite destination for bird lovers, although it is only about two miles long, it is enough for you to explore the wonderful things of nature right in the city.

You’ll see great blue herons and herons, spotted handbills, ring ducks, turkey vultures, hummingbirds, and lots of unique birds at the Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail. The trail cuts through three separate wetlands. These include swamps, wet grasslands, and forested wetlands. You will also find some wooden benches along the way, they are an open invitation, a welcome after the walking tour.

Take a moment to sit and straighten your legs, enjoy your most relaxing moments, and don’t forget to capture beautiful photos.

2. Saratoga Tea and Honey

Saratoga Tea and Honey

Drinking tea and enjoying art are something you can do when you come to Saratoga Tea and Honey. This is one of the local attractions that Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs recommends to you. This tea shop appeared in town in 2015.

The decoration style as well as the impressive service quality will make you satisfied as soon as you come to Saratoga Tea and Honey. When you come here, you will be served warm tea and cookies, enjoying tea and chatting with your friends will help you feel that life goes by slowly.

The staff at the shop always welcome and serve you enthusiastically, introducing you to the teas and differences of the 50 teas that the shop offers. Saratoga Tea and Honey also has a honey tasting room where owner Haley Stevens offers unique flavored honeys from around the country.

3. Mrs. London’s Bakery

Mrs. London’s Bakery

If you are a lover of sweets and pastries, you should definitely not miss Mrs. London’s Bakery when visiting Saratoga Springs. Enjoying cakes and coffee has long been the style and culture of the locals here. Choose a table by the window, enjoy the warm weather and enjoy a cake and coffee.

I’m sure that will be the start of your day full of energy. The reason that Mrs. London’s Bakery is loved by everyone, and the dishes at the store are made with the best quality ingredients to ensure safety and keep the delicious taste in each cake.

If you love chocolate, fresh fruit, the unique flavor of freshly baked macarons will be a cake that you cannot miss. Staff of Mrs. London is very friendly, ready to serve you iced tea, hot tea, latte and cappuccino.

4. Congress Park – Saratoga Springs

Congress Park – Saratoga Springs

Congress Park – Saratoga Springs is a place that you can visit at any time of the year. If you are planning to go to Saratoga Springs for the weekend, don’t miss this place. Located just off Broadway, people can stroll through the gardens, take in the peaceful views, or take photos near the much-loved SPIT and SPAT statues. This is one of the local attractions that Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs recommends to you.

People can spend a few hours sitting under a tree, playing a fun game of chess with their friends. Also on the grounds of the park is a war memorial, a number of impressive statues, a lake for adorable ducks to play in, and even blooming flowers that welcome you to visit.

5. Saratoga Automobile Museum

Saratoga Automobile Museum

Tucked away in one corner of the 2,379-acre historic architectural complex is the Saratoga Automobile Museum. This is where you can visit and discover the production history of the cars. Car enthusiasts of all ages can come here to immerse themselves in the culture of the auto industry, admiring the museum’s historical artifacts.

Not only holding exhibitions for everyone to visit, this museum also regularly holds motorcycle auctions in September every year. This is also an event that attracts many car enthusiasts to Saratoga Springs. This is one of the local attractions that Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs recommends to you.

6. Canfield Casino

Canfield Casino

If you are a history buff and want to learn about the history of this area, the Canfield Casino is the place you need to visit when you come to Saratoga Springs. This wonderful museum has three floors of exhibits that document Saratoga’s impressive history from its early days to modern times.

The first floor contains artifacts collected in the surroundings of Saratoga Springs. There is also a gift shop with jewelry, books and other items. A special feature that attracts the attention of visitors when coming to Canfield Casino is the haunted places here.

The area offers annual spooky rides for those wanting a thrilling experience. When participating in this trip, you will have the feeling that the spirits are roaming the hall. This is really an interesting experience that you can try when coming to Saratoga Springs.

7. Saratoga Racetrack

Saratoga Racetrack

Located on Union Avenue and opened in 1863, you can see Saratoga Racetrack as you drive along the tree-lined road. Sports Illustrated has called it one of the largest sports venues in the world and indeed, it is the fourth oldest race track in the United States.

The best thing about Saratoga Racetrack is that it’s not just for horse racing enthusiasts, but the venue can also be for families looking for a place to have fun. Visitors often stop to see the artwork, horse racing hats and other items that will be on display here. Also you can find out more information about horse racing and all related information about the sport here.

8. National Dance Museum and Hall of Fame

National Dance Museum and Hall of Fame

The National Dance Museum and Hall of Fame, founded in 1986, is the only museum in the nation and one of the very few in the world dedicated entirely to the art of dance. The museum has exhibits from the past, present, and future. Artifacts preserve the history of dance, the costumes of ballerinas and other famous dancers. This is one of the local attractions that Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs recommends to you.

Artifacts from the movies, even 130 dance movie posters by veteran producer Mike Kaplan range from 1918 to the 1980s. The Hall of Fame honors innovators who have made significant contributions to American professional dance, regardless of genre. Wall plaques attract the attention of more than fifty choreographers, dancers, art directors, designers, composers.

9. Yaddo Gardens

Yaddo Gardens

Yaddo Gardens is one of those secret places that even the locals have never been to. Spencer Trask gifted the Yaddo Garden to his wife Katrina in 1899. The garden has two floors, divided by an airy pergola. The rose garden below has many colors and types of roses.

When coming here, you will certainly not be able to miss the opportunity to keep the best photos with this garden. Outside is a rock garden in the forest, with shady trees and various plants. Both areas have beautiful fountains and large statues on the grounds. Yaddo Gardens is located on a hill and since 1926, Yaddo Gardens has welcomed authors, painters, sculptors, musicians and other artists to join the creation of this garden.

10. Phila Street

Phila Street is a beautiful street full of sunshine, this is also the last place that Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs introduces to you. Not only will you go for a scenic stroll, but you will also be able to enjoy all the delicious food that originates from Italy to Ireland such as Sushi, fried chicken and ice cream.

You can also listen to music inside the historic Caffe Lena. A pottery class, high-end hair salon or fashion boutiques are just some of the things you can find on Phila Street.

Explore and enjoy your trip in Saratoga Springs. Hopefully the article Discover 10 Best Things To Do In Saratoga Springs will provide you with useful information.

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