Top 9 Best Things To Do In Honolulu For Couples

Honolulu is an ideal tourist destination for honeymoon couples. From great food and historic attractions to a unique range of land and water adventures, this location offers plenty of great things to see and do for couples. The Top 9 Best Things To Do In Honolulu For Couples will introduce you to these great tourist attractions.

1. Dolphins and You

Dolphins and You is the first exciting experiential activity that Top 9 Best Things To Do In Honolulu For Couples introduces. It offers visitors the unique experience of swimming among pods of dolphins and experiencing marine life in the peaceful waters just off the coast of O’ahu.

Dolphins and You

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Honolulu, this is a great idea for couples. Starting at Waianae Marina, guests are introduced to the crew before participating in the local E’ Hoi Mai Ceremony. During this ritual, participants sing a song and offer flowers to the ocean as a prayer for a safe journey and thanksgiving for the dolphins.

Visitors will then take a boat out to the surface before wearing a mask and snorkeling and immersing in the crystal clear waters. In addition to dolphins, swimmers have the opportunity to get up close to a diverse array of marine life including sea turtles and vibrant tropical fish.

2. The Queen Emma Summer Palace

The Queen Emma Summer Palace was once a seasonal retreat for Queen Emma and her family. This historic Hawaiian estate is now a museum open to the public. Built in the mid-1800s for the Royal Family of Hawaii, the house has since been refurbished and beautifully maintained. Visitors can experience the house as it did during the Royal family’s residence in the 19th century.

The Queen Emma Summer Palace

This is also the next place in the Honolulu sightseeing trip that Top 9 Best Things To Do In Honolulu For Couples introduces to you. The palace’s décor showcases a unique array of historical pieces, from traditional Hawaiian crafts to British pieces shipped overseas as gifts from the British monarchy.

In addition to admiring the striking décor, guests can stroll around the property’s extensive gardens, peruse artifacts that truly belong to the royal family and view some historically significant portraits history.

3. O’ahu Photography Tours

Inspired to share the beauty of his home and his passion for photography, local photographer Alex Wilson founded O’ahu Photography Tours and began offering island tours in conjunction with the photography course, offering a whole new experience for both locals and visitors. Eight diverse options are offered by O’ahu Photography Tours.

O’ahu Photography Tours

From sunrise to moon, tours span the island of O’ahu. Participants can choose a suitable tour based on their desired location, subject and photography level. Photographers can look forward to getting a unique perspective of Hawaii while receiving instruction in the techniques and subtleties of photography, allowing participants to improve their photography skills.

This is also an interesting activity that couples should try to experience together to have more bonding.

4. Hawaii Food Tours

Designed for food lovers, Hawaii Food Tours offers two options for travelers looking to enjoy authentic local cuisine. Designed by Matthew Gray, a former Celebrity Chef and local culinary expert, the tours are specifically designed to showcase modern Hawaiian cuisine.

Hawaii Food Tours

The tour goes beyond traditional Hawaiian cuisine and introduces visitors to the range of globally exotic flavors and flavors that exist on the island. Visit Hole in the Wall with many establishments based in Honolulu and some specials you can try including Portuguese donuts and Korean BBQ.

The North Shore Food Tour takes you out of Honolulu and into the heart of Oahu for an experience that includes both upscale eateries and unique roadside eateries. Couples can choose this as a fun experiential activity to do together. This is a fun place for couples to date that Top 9 Best Things To Do In Honolulu For Couples recommends for you.

5. Chef Chai

Located in downtown Honolulu, Chef Chai offers couples a delicious dinner menu. What could be better than enjoying delicious food together at Chef Chai. This is also one of the Top 9 Best Things To Do In Honolulu For Couples. Named after legendary chef Chef Chai, the restaurant is known for its Hawaiian fusion cuisine.

Chef Chai

Born in Thailand, Chef Chai uses local produce and fresh ingredients, many of which are purchased from Honolulu’s Chinatown in every meal. Chef Chai manages to balance an upscale atmosphere with a casual attitude.

A modern atmosphere pervades the restaurant, allowing customers to enjoy a contemporary fine dining experience. The restaurant offers a number of venue options for guests, including a private dining room, a fully equipped bar, and a patio complete with a surrounding fire tower.

6. Buho Cantina

With a focus on using fresh ingredients and high-quality products, Buho Cantina serves O’ahu and modern Mexican dishes. Located in Waikiki, Bohu Cantina serves lunch, dinner and late-night fare. The menu features a number of Mexican classics fused with rich Hawaiian ingredients and flavors.

Buho Cantina

The result is an authentic Mexican restaurant whose chefs take a fresh and modern approach to exceptional dishes. Buho Cantina prioritizes using fresh farm produce, grown locally right on the island. The casual eatery welcomes guests into a trendy and upbeat atmosphere. The rooftop location allows for both indoor and outdoor seating, and a live cantina band performs regularly to entertain guests.

7. Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii

Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii offers couples the opportunity to learn mindfulness while surrounded by beautiful Hawaiian scenery. Guests who want to take classes can choose from a variety of activities including yoga, hiking and group snorkeling classes. Additionally, Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii offers fully customizable private lessons, retreats, or group tours throughout the island.

Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii

Each activity offered is designed to encourage mental exercise using gentle body movements and inspiration from the natural environment and O’ahu landscape. The dedicated nature of the company extends beyond their customers, as a large portion of the profits go to a local nonprofit that promotes mindfulness curricula into elementary schools across the country. nationwide.

8. Nocturnal Adventures Hawaii

Nocturnal Adventures Hawaii offers couples the unique Oahu experience of night stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Nocturnal Adventures currently offers guests two tour options. Haleiwa Sunset SUP guides boaters through the waters of Hawaii’s epic North Shore, the perfect spot from which you can watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

Nocturnal Adventures Hawaii

On the other hand, the SUP Friday Fireworks Show allows tour-goers to experience evening sailing under the weekly fireworks display at Oahu’s famous Waikiki Beach. Both options are available to paddlers with any level of experience. Nocturnal Adventures offers guests specially designed boards equipped to light up the water below with a unique glow in the dark.

9. The Lyon Arboretum

The Lyon Arboretum

The Lyon Arboretum is a pristine 200-acre botanical garden just five miles from Honolulu. The Lyon Arboretum is a tropical and lush site where visitors can immerse themselves in a truly landscaped environment. The Lyon Arboretum offers seven miles of trails, ranging from a simple and pleasant stroll through the rainforest to hiking at higher elevations.

This is a fun place for couples to date that Top 9 Best Things To Do In Honolulu For Couples recommends for you. With 12 gardens to choose from, visitors have the opportunity to experience more than 5,000 types of tropical plants.

Included in this selection are the Native Hawaiian Garden, which displays a collection of native and endemic Hawaiian plants, the Herb and Spice Garden, and the Children’s Garden, an interactive learning venue.

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