Top 10 Best Things To Do In Phoenix This Weekend

Phoenix is a beautiful city with exciting nightlife, great entertainment, first-class retail, and museums and art galleries. The Top 10 Best Things To Do In Phoenix This Weekend will introduce you to the fun things you can try in Phoenix.

1. Try a helicopter flight

Flying in the beautiful sky of Phoenix on a helicopter flight will be an exciting activity that Top 10 Best Things To Do In Phoenix This Weekend introduces. Board a helicopter at Falcon Field, just outside the city, and start fastening your seat belts and headphones before taking off to begin your flight.


Fly over the Valley of the Sun, then watch as the landscape changes from desert to urban sprawl as the helicopter circles downtown. You can also choose to fly in the afternoon to watch the sunset as well as the city at night. Wear sunglasses and don’t forget your camera. You will want more photos of this exciting trip.

2. Cityscape

CityScape is a vibrant and stylish venue in Phoenix that covers three areas and is full of shops, eateries, bars, and entertainment clubs. It is the place for you to visit at the end of the day, and enjoy the most relaxing moments.


The commercial centers gathered at CityScape include daily entertainment services. Outside on the rooftop of the Blue Hound or while playing a game of bowling at Lucky Strike. Catch an outdoor movie in the square or dine at one of the many restaurants before hitting the club at Gypsy Bar. This is the second location in the Top 10 Best Things To Do In Phoenix This Weekend.

3. Arizona Science Center


The Arizona Science Center is an interactive museum in Phoenix’s Science and Heritage Park and is located on Washington Street. Explore 350 exhibits plus the center to discover how solar energy is harvested and used, have a surreal experience with nature in the Immersion Theatre, or learn the secrets of Morse code communication. The Arizona Science Center has a 250-seat planetarium plus the Fab Lab, where visiting science experts present lectures and seminars. It is a fascinating place to visit.

4. Roosevelt Row

Roosevelt Row is a fun activity for you to explore at the Top 10 Best Things To Do In Phoenix This Weekend. This is where Phoenix’s art community gathers. It is full of interesting and unique art galleries. Decorated walls of buildings, and colorful sculptures adorn the street.


Take a picture with one of the Shadow Play sculptures, then sit in one of the geometric chairs to meditate on the pattern of the shadows cast by the canopy overhead. If your visit to Downtown Phoenix coincides with the first Friday of the month, stop by the First Friday Market, an open-air market where local artisans sell their wares, live music, and lots of bars and restaurants. eat pop-ups and a more Boho atmosphere.

5. Heritage Square

Walk around Heritage Square to discover what Downtown Phoenix was like in Victorian times. Lined the square are buildings dating back to the late 1800s. The Rosson House, a museum, is a piece of Gothic art that can’t be lost in a horror movie.


Inside the museum, the rooms are furnished in keeping with the Victorian era. There are even candles on the dining table that give the impression that residents are still living and just walking out. Yes, it is more than a little spooky.

On the Square, there is also The Bungalow where replica Victorian jewelry can be purchased – commercial style, handicrafts, and homemade wooden toys. There are several restaurants including a British pub, a pizzeria, and a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine.

6. Orpheum Theater

Housed in a historic, 1920s building on Adams Street in Downtown Phoenix, the Orpheum Theater is the place to see a theater, ballet, or opera performance. This diverse 1,300-seat venue has had a diverse life and is used for everything from vaudeville presentations to a movie theater.


Now restored to its original glory, the Baroque building features intricate exterior wall contours and detailed frescoes around the stage. The theater is an absolute work of art inside and out and is worth a visit even if you don’t want to be in for a huge show.

7. Phoenix Art Museum

The collection at the Phoenix Art Museum includes more than 17,000 works from American, Asian, European, Latin American, modern and contemporary, American Western art, and Fashion Design. Visiting this museum is also an interesting activity that Top 10 Best Things To Do In Phoenix This Weekend introduces you to.


20 Thorne Miniature Rooms is a popular stop during a visit to this museum. They are replicas of homes in the United States and Europe depicting the architecture and interior design of their period and country. In the Art of the American West collection, you’ll find nearly 900 paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints of the American West.

The Asian Art collection at the Phoenix Art Museum is extensive, including more than 2,700 pieces of Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Indian, and Southeast Asian art. The Phoenix Art Museum opened in 1959 and is a private, non-profit educational institution. This is the largest visual arts museum between Denver and Los Angeles.

8. Parlor Bitter & Twisted Cocktail


Parlor Bitter & Twisted Cocktails don’t just make great cocktails. They make award-winning cocktails. The living room has an old-world decor and atmosphere but is completely modern in terms of mix. Even the stones they use in the drinks are handmade.

This is a fun place to chill out this weekend in Phoenix. Book a table at this bar in West Jefferson or get there early, it’s usually very busy and you should book your table as early as possible so you don’t have to wait.

9. Her Secret Is Patience


Her Secret Is Patience is a piece of public art in Phoenix. You can’t leave the city without stopping by and it’s the sky-high Her Secret Is Patience sculpture. Standing 100 feet above the ground and located in Downtown City Space Park, the metal coil twists and turns in the dark breeze of the day.

At night, it’s a true spectacle of undulating rainbow colors that light up the sky like an invading alien creature. Her Secret Is Patience is like Downtown Phoenix, must be experienced to feel the interesting things.

10. Gypsy Bar


For a funky finale to a night out in Downtown Phoenix, hop off the dance floor at the Gypsy Bar. Yes, it’s for adults only and the theme is a party. The ten thousand square meter nightclub, in the buzzing entertainment and retail complex CityScape, has a long Qingdao, bottles, and VIP service.

A dance floor where you can show off your best dance moves with music played by DJs who mix professionally and know how to scratch, scribble and stutter. There are Go dancers, a room full of video games and dramatic light shows all night long. It all adds up to make this a place you can’t miss. If you have a craving, don’t worry, they also serve food. This is also the last place that Top 10 Best Things To Do In Phoenix This Weekend introduces to you.