5 Ways On How To Enhance Tourism Experience after Quarantine Globally

Travel companies around the world are facing challenges to figure out how to enhance the tourism experience for visitors since the pandemic. Last year, the tourism industry in most countries around the world has undergone significant changes. Travel companies have come up with innovative ways to not only survive the pandemic-related travel restrictions and bans but also improve the travel experience. In this article, let’s we take a look at 5 Ways On How To Enhance Tourism Experience after Quarantine Globally.

5 Ways On How To Enhance Tourism Experience after Quarantine Globally

1. Health protection

It is important to take measures and ensure compliance with all sanitary standards to contain the spread of the virus. In addition, subject to general goodwill, it is required to always be aware of the evolution of sanitary measures, to adapt quickly, and to ensure that the instructions are followed everywhere and always without exception.
Health issues are a top concern when traveling. There are many people who love to travel at the moment but are afraid of the mechanism of generating new variables that have never been seen in the world. Therefore, a travel agency can show all types of customers safe and clean enough, protecting their safety.

Health protection
Health protection

2. Warmly welcome

During the crisis, during and after the pandemic, vacationers need to ensure peace of mind, especially quickly giving answers to the questions raised and solving the problems that have arisen. In this way, tourism professionals can express warmth and humanity, showing empathy and willingness to help, and thus establish trusting relationships with clients.
Responding to the necessary needs of guests is always appreciated in the media to enhance the tourism experience if the travel agency shows professionalism in each behavior, and how to handle problems. This is a plus point in intelligently pleasing customers because “customer is king”.

3. Digital transformation

To face the crisis, tourism professionals have had to intensify their deployment of innovative technological tools to facilitate customer service, such as “touchless” solutions. Thus, these changes have improved the efficiency of the company in terms of collecting and analyzing data on consumer behavior and their feelings.

For example, service hotels in the tourism industry now have experience guides using voice recognition technology. Basically, this technology allows users to use language to command, speakers are equipped in the room and customers can ask anything and for devices in the room, making the tourism experience more convenient.

Moreover, virtual reality technology – VR technology is currently on the rise, becoming a smart consumer industry that many people love. This also creates many opportunities for those in the tourism industry to possess technologies to apply and create conditions for customers to have great experiences. Some travel companies online allow visitors to experience before booking online, others help customers experience a realistic simulation through VR to know how interesting upcoming tourist destinations are before coming to travel directly.

Digital transformation
Digital transformation

Another thing to consider is the internet connection. Businesses should provide an internet connection that is convenient enough to enhance the travel experience. By opening the Internet registration service when visitors visit outside the hotel room, 4G is needed to find the necessary things besides the Free Wifi that is installed inside the room as well as the entire hotel. I think this will be loved by the customers because everyone can stay in the room to use the technology devices rather than going out for fear of the epidemic.

4. Add a unique element

Another strong factor that travelers need to consider is that travelers are always looking for moments on Instagram – one of the world’s leading entertainment networks. Everyone wants to have the perfect shot or angle that makes the followers admire and admire. The company should develop a travel page on Instagram to update and promote tourist attractions to domestic and foreign tourists and other social networks that people can access.

5. Enhance tourism experience by offering authentic, local experiences

After the pandemic, there are many people who want to go to quiet and peaceful places, especially places close to nature to regain positive emotions and heal internal and external wounds. Therefore, the local tourism experience should be improved and developed more strongly. According to statistics, the number of people who want to return to live with nature has increased many times in the past, and sustainable tourism is being promoted in countries around the world.

local experiences
Local experiences

Sustainable tourism has been developing in countries with many important forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and protected areas for endangered flora and fauna. This is the trend of most people who want to both travel and experience practical environmental protection activities.

Local travel agencies should connect tourism relations with residents and local authorities to jointly create mutual benefits and thereby provide and enhance the travel experience for each. Local travel agencies should connect tourism relations with residents and local authorities to jointly create mutual benefits and thereby provide and enhance tourism experience for each. Individuals or tour groups are always interested in local experiences such as enjoying food, culture, or tourist areas with their own identity without advertising on mass media. This makes them feel excited and receive special attention like valued guests when coming here. This approach will certainly resonate with the tourism industry as visitors will certainly review and appreciate the reality, but conscientious experiences.


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