Why should we discover Florida national register of historic places?

The Florida National Register of Historic Places is a place that many tourists want to visit and explore because of the nostalgic, exaggerated beauty of the indigenous people. As you know, Florida is a state of the United States, most of its territory is a peninsula located in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The ancient Indians were the first human species to inhabit Florida, followed by the ancient human races, making Florida worthy of a national and international historic destination. In this post, we’ll tell you about : Why should we discover Florida national register of historic places?

Why should we discover Florida national register of historic places?

1. Florida National Parks Association:

First of Florida national register of historic places– The Florida National Parks Association located in southern Florida, is the official private, non-profit partner of the National Park service, supporting educational, historical, interpretive, and scientific research activities. Visitors can mention a few interesting places to visit here.

Big Cypress National Preserve: The Big Cypress freshwater lagoon provides essential Everglade minerals in the vicinity, supporting life for creatures along the Southwest Florida coast. The Big Cypress is home to wildlife like the Florida panther and is a community of tropical and temperate plants.

Florida National Parks Association
Florida National Parks Association

Exploratory activities in the reserve can be mentioned as scenic drives or walking paths. If you have more time, join a ranger-led activity such as guided walks, chats and campfires nightly from November to April. Big Cypress National Reserve includes 729,000 acreages with several miles of trails to explore. Camping in the woods allows you to immerse yourself in all the beauty and challenges of being in the wilderness. Of course, all activities here must be licensed by the tribes or places to visit.

2. Explore Key West- the national register of historic places in Florida

Next of Florida national register of historic places– A city surrounded by sandy beaches and the warm waters of the Gulf, Key West is Key to the Caribe and is especially popular with traveler, becoming one of the world’s most famous places not only for resorts but also for a historical place in Florida.

2.1. San Carlos Institute

Some of the best historical places to visit include the San Carlos Institute. San Carlos is one of Florida’s most beautiful and historic landmarks. It was founded in 1871 by Cuban exiles. It serves as a museum, library, art gallery, theater and school. Located in the heart of Key West’s historic district, San Carlos is open to visitors and celebrates many events throughout the year.

2.2. Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

When coming to Key West, you should also visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum – one of the world’s famous writers. Here visitors can enjoy the architecture and layout of the house, and visit the residence and work of Hemingway. The highlight of Ernest’s house is the subterranean swimming pool which is dug into the solid coral. The swimming pool has a large water capacity, and it carries mysterious and fascinating stories behind its investment and design of Hemingway. Why don’t we take some time to walk around this pool and see the beautiful flowers to feel interesting and relax in the fresh air. One tour concludes with a 20-30 minutes guided tour, open from 9 am to 5 pm.

2.3. La Concha hotel and spa

Explore Key West- the national register of historic places in Florida
Explore Key West- the national register of historic places in Florida

Carl Aubuchon is the developer of the first marble hotel, luxury boardwalk, and ocean view in Key West. The hotel is considered to be the pinnacle of modern convenience and the most luxurious here and has attracted many elites and businessmen from around the world over the years. Inspired by the historic architecture of Key West, La Concha’s design is vibrant, colorful ceilings along with dark wood furniture and distinctive windows that give the hotel style. unique and stand out among thousands of other hotels in the city.

There are all rooms depending on the needs of visitors from a single room or double room with little view to the luxurious suite with a superb sea view. And of course, the service and convenience here are also really worth the experience. La Concha hotel and spa in Key West, Florida is one of those historic places that offers multinational cuisine besides the traditional dishes of the local people. Enjoyed the culinary flavors, bars, or Starbuck coffee on this beautiful and romantic island that will awaken all your senses immediately. Additionally, guests can also order delicious cuisine from the hotel for room or suite service.

3. The Kampong botanic garden

The Kampong botanic garden
The Kampong botanic garden

The last of Florida national register of historic places– The Kampong historic place deserves to be a destination for those who love botany in general and botanical plants in particular. The garden is the home of the famous botanic explorer- Dr. David Fairchild. He traveled throughout Southeast Asia, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and other tropical countries collecting fruit and flowering plants. His collection has attracted many plant enthusiasts of all ages and researchers in the field to visit and study.

In particular, the garden campus is a place to educate major students or students to study, experience, and garden. The site is open Monday to Friday for $5 to $15 for certain ages and is free for veterans for a limited time of 2 hours each.


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