Top 5 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms

Every company desires a highly engaged team. They are more content, productive, and loyal. In this article, we will talk about : Top 5 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms.

Fortunately, there is lots of software available to assist you in developing that winning formula. There’s something for every business, budget, and niche out there. However, the sheer number of options might be overwhelming, so we’ve broken down our top 5 selections in this post to assist you in determining the best employee engagement software for your needs. Continue reading to find out which one best suits your company.


Perkbox is an excellent all-around employee experience tool that is certain to boost your engagement. Our platform includes a variety of employee engagement options, but we’ll focus on our recognition tools here.

Perkbox is an excellent tool for motivating staff through prizes and recognition. By providing interesting events and awards that people truly want, we hope to make employee appreciation anything but dull. We provide a range of options for every member of your team to be recognized for a work well done, including:

  • Employee-to-employee acknowledgment through shoutouts fosters an engaged and passionate workplace atmosphere.
  • Employees voted for colleagues who merit recognition in company polls, which sparks some good rivalry.
  • Celebrations of milestones such as births, weddings, life situations, and more.
  • Employee incentives including over 50 of the UK’s most recognizable firms.
  • Customized business values that may be attached to every prize or recognition given out.
PERKBOX Employee Engagement Software Platforms
PERKBOX – 1st Employee Engagement Software Platforms

Perkbox tailors its features and pricing to the needs of your company, making it an excellent alternative for businesses of all sizes.


Bonusly is another another excellent human resources software that makes it simple to engage and recognize employees. Bonusly provides a way to celebrate the work that is happening around you, whether you are an executive, a supervisor, or a junior colleague.

Bonusly operates by awarding points to employees. When a person accumulates enough points, they may exchange them for a meaningful prize of their choice. They have a global collection full of digital gift cards from firms in over 122 countries, so there’s certainly something for everyone.

Furthermore, the program allows credits to be cashed out via PayPal or contributed to non-profit organizations such as the WWF, Habitat for Habitat, and The Desmond Project, that we believe is a nice touch.

Employees get points through peer acknowledgment from their coworkers. Employees are also given a tiny monthly allocation of credits that they may use to reward others using Bonusly’s simple interface.

BONUSLY Employee Engagement Software Platforms
BONUSLY- 2nd Employee Engagement Software Platforms


Gifted, as the name suggests, is employee satisfaction software that is all about… giving! It enables businesses to send out the ideal present for every event, whether to staff or consumers. It accomplishes this by delivering a completely branded giving platform that is clean, simple to use, and extremely convenient.

These are a few of our favorite Gifted features:

  • Personalized presents Personalize the phrase that goes with your present (or choose a template), choose a graphic (or submit your own), and let the recipient choose a gift from a variety of merchants.
  • Reporting capabilities All spending and financial information may be transmitted straight to accounting, you can easily resend presents, see which gifts were most popular, and much more.
  • Gifting that is automated. Never again will you overlook another employee milestone! You may schedule presents to be delivered on specified days or set up reminders for yourself.

The best part is that Gifted is a complimentary employee satisfaction program. You just need to pay for the presents you select.

GIFTED Employee Engagement Software Platforms
GIFTED- 3rd Employee Engagement Software Platforms


Blueboard is our final suggestion for employee appreciation options. They are among the worker applications that has adopted a unique approach to congratulating employees on a work well done. They provide experiences rather than more traditional techniques such as rewards, gift certificates, and other virtual prizes.

BLUEBOARD Employee Engagement Software Platforms
BLUEBOARD- 4th Employee Engagement Software Platforms

All you must do is give a Blueboard award to a fortunate employee. Then they may look over their experience possibilities and choose the one that appeals to them the best. Blueboard will handle all of the logistics and preparation, so all that they have to do now is prepare for an unforgettable event.


Unmind is a human resource management tool & mental health system that addresses all areas of employee happiness. They developed their employee engagement software because they understand the importance of prioritizing mental wellbeing.

They commit themselves to concentrating on all employees’ psychological health because one in every six employees has mental health concerns each year. This helps to prevent issues from occurring, resulting in better outcomes for everyone concerned.

UNMIND Employee Engagement Software Platforms
UNMIND – Last of Top 5 best Employee Engagement Software Platforms

Unmind improves employee mental health with a variety of aspects, including:

  • Self-directed programs feature interactive courses on topics ranging from sleep to relationships to anxiety. They are simple to obtain and follow, so they can be done at your employees’ leisure.
  • In-the-moment activities that increase your employees’ daily wellness for when they need it. They include mindfulness meditations, sleep music, yoga courses, and even healthy recipes!
  • Check-ins and assessments for mental health. Unmind provides users with various insights about the condition of their very own mental health. Consider mood diaries, staff surveys, and quizzes that yield actionable insights and useful, personalized advice.


Respected employees are more motivated and interested in their job. A high employee engagement will contribute to your company’s growth and development. An employee engagement software platform, according to an employee sentiment study, is a terrific approach to collecting feedback, hearing employees’ voices, and receiving actionable insights. So why not choose the finest one for the company and improve the employee experience while keeping employees devoted and highly motivated?


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