Unemployment Insurance Application Form

Employees can apply for unemployment benefits. Please be advised that DOES no longer takes Unemployment insurance application form claims over the phone through the Contact Center. Please go to the DC Networks website to submit a new UI claim. This modification was made by the organization as a security measure to safeguard your personal data. Our online services offer extra layers of security to make sure that all personal information submitted to DOES is secure and unhacked. For additional information, please see the End of Initial Claims Via Contact Center fact document.

Please read the fact sheet titled “10 Things You Should Know” to find out more information regarding making an unemployment insurance claim. newsmartz.com  will provide for you some information about Unemployment insurance application form.

Unemployment insurance application form

Unemployment insurance application form
Unemployment insurance application form

Make sure you have the following paperwork available when you apply for benefits:

  • Number for social security
  • Name, phone number, and employment dates of most recent employer
  • If you aren’t a US citizen, you need an alien registration number.
  • DD214, if you were in the military
  • If you were a former federal employee, please use Standard Form 8 or Standard Form 50.
  • Information about severance pay (relevant only if you have received or will receive severance money)
  • Information on pensions (relevant only if you are getting a pension payout)
  • Proof of an impact on public health (if applying because of the COVID-19 public health emergency). Documentation might consist of:
    • a letter from a doctor or municipal health official confirming a voluntary request for isolation or quarantine or an involuntary order to do so.
    • a recommendation for isolation or quarantine from your doctor or the medical records office
    • deciding for yourself that the Department of Health’s quarantine recommendations apply to you

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for unemployment insurance:

  1. becoming unemployed without your fault
  2. being capable, accessible, and looking for work actively
  3. possess the earnings necessary to submit a claim

HOW TO Unemployment insurance application form

Unemployment insurance application form
Unemployment insurance application form

The steps to submit a claim for Unemployment insurance application form are as follows:

  1. Visit does.dcnetworks.org and select “Claim Unemployment Benefits.”
  2. Go to the “Unemployment Insurance Service Center for Claimants” page and select “File for Benefits.”
  3. When you reach the bottom of the page, click “File Your Claim Online.”
  4. To complete the claim filing process, respond to the questions with precise information.

View our What’s Next? document to learn more about what happens after you submit your Unemployment insurance application form to find out how to file a UI claim.


To be eligible for unemployment benefits, you must attest that you can continue receiving them each week beginning the Sunday after you submit your initial claim. You must submit a weekly ongoing claim form through phone at (202) 724-7000 or online at does.dcnetworks.org in order to confirm your eligibility for benefits.

The quickest approach to confirm your eligibility for benefits is to submit your claim form online or by phone. You can send your form in or file at any of the American Job Centers spread out around the District if you are unable to file online or over the phone.

The ongoing claim form’s week-ending date should be seven calendar days in the past before you submit your claim. You risk losing out on benefits if you don’t submit your weekly claim within seven calendar days of the form’s indicated week-ending date because you didn’t adhere to reporting guidelines. If the last week you claimed ended more than 14 days ago, the system won’t let you submit a weekly claim certification for a benefit payment. In order to “reactivate” or “reopen” your claim once this has happened, you must reapply.

Please read our Instructions for Completing the Continued Claim Form for assistance with the certification questions and for general information about weekly claims.

Please consult our Work Search Requirements FAQs for additional details on the requirements and how to adhere to them.


Unemployment insurance application form
Unemployment insurance application form

The Department of Employment Services is currently asking all claimants who submit a new claim to personally verify their identification as a crucial safeguard against fraud. You must also show up in person at one of the three American Job Center sites to provide identification within seven calendar days of completing your claim online. For a list of eligible documents, see the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Form I-9. Please get in touch with our Benefit Payment Control Branch if you live outside of a 50-mile radius of Washington, DC, for more information.

We will not begin processing your claim until we have used this method to confirm your identification. If you have any inquiries regarding this requirement, please call the Benefit Payment Control Branch at 202-698-5111.


  • The conditions listed below must be met in order for you to continue receiving benefits once your claim has been approved:
  • becoming unemployed without your fault
  • On your weekly claim for benefits, include all income from employment, including self-employment.
  • Currently, DC is the only state from which you can Unemployment insurance application form or receive unemployment benefits.
  • Be available for employment and in a condition to perform it
    • To be eligible for regular UI claims, claimants must be able to work and be available for employment. For those who are unable to work or are unavailable due to COVID-related conditions stated in the CARES Act, PUA offers assistance.