The 6 Special Atlanta Fall Festivals In September

It will be great if you choose to travel and experience the unique culture in Atlanta in the fall of September. The cool, pleasant weather and many special festivals taking place will surely impress you.
The 6 Special Atlanta Fall Festivals In September will introduce you to special Atlanta festivals September.

1. Taste Of Atlanta

The 6 Special Atlanta Fall Festivals In September
Taste Of Atlanta

The first of The 6 Special Atlanta Fall Festivals In September is Taste of Atlanta. This is a three-day festival that celebrates local cuisine and features a wide variety of food and drinks from over 100 local restaurants. At this festival, you can watch performances. cook live, meet famous local and local chefs, participate in a Barcraft contest and socialize with other food and wine enthusiasts.

The annual event also features street performers and live music from local bands catering to the entertainment needs of attendees all weekend. And what makes this festival especially family-friendly are the fun events for kids.

However, to fully enjoy this festival, you also need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, you should arrange the time to move to the festival early and enjoy the best food. There is so much to see at this festival and getting there early will give you a long day to experience the delicious food and festive atmosphere at the festival.

By arriving early, you’ll also get to enjoy great hands-on cooking classes led by Atlanta chefs. Next, you also need to plan the stalls you will visit. Preview all participating restaurants, menus, and festival maps on the Taste of Atlanta website. You will make the most of it and not miss any of the culinary delights your heart desires.

2. Tomorrowland


TomorrowWorld is the first international version of Tomorrowland, which is one of the most popular electronic music festivals in the world. Since 2005, the creators and producers of Tomorrowland have been inspired to create the most creative and vibrant festival in the world.

It is an event that attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to experience the most anticipated music festival in the world. In September, the festival will make its first international journey from Boom, Belgium to Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Like its European counterpart, TomorrowWorld will offer inviting décor and cozy cocktail bars, delicious food, and stunning natural vistas, combining to create an immersive experience in a variety of places. Unforgettable and wonderful day.

3. Candler Park Fall Fest

Fall Festivals in the South
Candler Park Fall Fest

Candler Park Fall Fest is also one of The 6 Special Atlanta Fall Festivals In September that you should not miss when coming to Atlanta. This festival usually takes place in autumn, maybe late September or early October every year. Admission is free and event activities will take place around the intersection of Candler Park Drive and McLendon Avenue.

This popular street festival includes an artist market, live music, food tours and experiences, free activities for kids, and a unique music event that draws crowds. One thing you need to keep in mind when participating in this festival is that you are not allowed to bring pets, specifically dogs. This is a general rule of the city of Atlanta.

4. Georgia Craft Beer Festival

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Georgia Craft Beer Festival

The Georgia Craft Beer Festival is held in Atlanta, featuring over 30 top breweries in Georgia. This is an event that showcases their signature craft beers and attracts beer enthusiasts from all over. This very special festival includes many unique parts and games. Live entertainment, delicious food carts, and a huge selection of beers from different brands.

Fun games are indispensable to help everyone relieve stress and have the most impressive experience at Atlanta’s fall festival. A special thing to note at this festival is that all participants need to be over 21 years old.

5. Castleberry Hill Loft Tour

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Castleberry Hill Loft Tour

Besides the vibrant and bustling activities of the fall festivals in Atlanta, one activity that you should not miss when coming to Atlanta in the fall is to enjoy the Castleberry Hill Loft Tour. Castleberry Hill is a historic downtown neighborhood of Atlanta. That is one of The 6 Special Atlanta Fall Festivals In September.

Attendees of the Loft Tour will have an in-depth look at hand-selected lofts that formerly served as warehouses and manufacturing plants for many 20th-century industries. These lofts are multifaceted. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, decorated and designed to a variety of tastes and budgets.

This is an interesting experience that you should not miss when coming to Atlanta. Castleberry Hill is home to a wide variety of restaurants, bars, galleries, and fashion boutiques. While you’re here, stay for lunch, have a drink, check out local art, and shop at some of the most fashionable boutiques in Atlanta.

Located just seconds from the CNN Center, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta, Castleberry Hill will be an urban living experience where history meets creativity.

6. Autumn Festival On Ponce

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Autumn Festival On Ponce

Lastly, in The 6 Special Atlanta Fall Festivals In September is The Fall Festival on Ponce. It is a two-day outdoor local arts and crafts event, held in Olmsted Park along Ponce de Leon Ave, the main thoroughfare of the Atlanta metro. This event was so successful in 2010 that it was held twice a year. (one festival in spring, one festival in autumn). This community celebration and tradition is located in the heart of the historic North Druid Hills neighborhood of Atlanta. Lots of trees, wide open green spaces, and wide views make this a must-see event for artists.

The Fall Festival on Ponce is a 2-day celebration of community and tradition organized by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces, for people of all ages and interests. At this festival, there are many interesting things that everyone can enjoy. Handicraft stalls, children’s play area, local food, and drink stalls, and live entertainment.

However, you should also note that, according to City regulations, you will not be able to bring alcohol into the Festival area. Beer and wine will be available for purchase at select locations throughout the Festival. Revenue from on-site beverage sales will be donated to the Georgia Foundation for Public Spaces scholarship program.

Atlanta is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. Fall in Atlanta with unique festivals is something that you cannot miss when traveling here. The 6 Special Atlanta Fall Festivals In September have introduced you to the most special fall festivals in Atlanta.

Wish you always have happy travels!