Experience 7 Best Fancy Restaurants In Atlanta

In addition to impressive tourist attractions, Atlanta also attracts visitors with its delicious and unique food. The article Experience 7 Best Fancy Restaurants In Atlanta will explore the best restaurants in Atlanta with you.

1. Floataway Cafe

Experience 7 Best Fancy Restaurants In Atlanta
Floataway Cafe

Floataway Cafe is one of the Experience 7 Best Fancy Restaurants In Atlanta that we would recommend to you. This is also a restaurant that offers you a modern and luxurious dining experience.
Chefs and Restaurant Owners, Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison have created an organic menu with locally sourced ingredients combined with daily menu changes that make the dishes unique at the restaurant.
Artwork and stainless steel accents accent the Floataway Cafe. The restaurant’s cuisine is influenced by French, Mediterranean, and Italian cultures.

If beets are on your menu, don’t miss them. Usually, they’re simply baked and laced with cheese and garnished with hard-boiled eggs or avocados. The larger plates include a rich lamb leg and sliced ​​chicken thigh paired with some very tempting accompaniments. South American-style beef steak with a side of chimichurri sauce is also a special dish of this restaurant.

Desserts also change with the seasons, which can include a scrumptious toffee pudding or cheese as an option. There is also an extensive wine list, offering unique bottles from around the world. This is the most luxurious restaurant in Atlanta that you should not miss.

Address: 1123 Zonolite Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone number: (404) 892-1414.

2. BoccaLupo Restaurant


BoccaLupo is a restaurant located on a busy street near Inman Park. Charcoal walls and wooden benches lend a rustic feel to the cozy dining room, and the all-weather-covered patio is a great place to sit on nice evenings.

This restaurant specializes in handmade pasta dishes with quality and seasonal origins. The team of talented Chefs, led by Bruce Logue, focuses mainly on the preparation of dishes with the taste of American cuisine combined with Italian. The restaurant’s menu of dishes is mainly creative with pasta, fish, poultry, and creative meat dishes. Classic Italian appetizers and desserts.
Luxury restaurant design, attentive customer service, and professional staff. Those are the reasons that BoccaLupo restaurant is always loved by many customers.

Address: 753 Edgewood Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Phone number: (404) 577-2332.

3. Canoe Restaurant

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Canoe is a very famous restaurant in Atlanta. Located along the peaceful Chattahoochee waterfront, also conveniently located in Atlanta’s Vinings community. Balanced by both culinary expertise and natural aesthetics, Canoe offers guests a rich, flavorful dining experience that delights all of their senses.

One of them has received many awards such as the National Restaurant News 2005 Fine Dining Hall of Fame. The restaurant’s luxurious space and artistic interior design and decoration by Dwayne Thompson will surely make you feel the most relaxed when experiencing the food at this restaurant. From the kitchen to the customer seats, you feel like you are in a canoe.

That is also the reason the name of the restaurant is Canoe. However, the most special thing about this restaurant is in the dishes on the menu. Most of the dishes are seasonal in taste. The ingredients to make these special dishes are also very fresh and of good quality, carefully selected by the chefs, so customers can feel secure when experiencing the food at this restaurant.

Address: 4199 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339-5750

Phone number: +1770-432-2663.

4. Ecco Midtown Restaurant

eccobkhd04 shelbygordon courtesy
Ecco Midtown Restaurant

A restaurant that was once voted “Best New Restaurant in America” ​​by Esquire magazine in 2006, Ecco quickly became one of Atlanta’s most popular restaurants. Features mouth-watering seasonal European Menu dishes with delicious meats and cheeses and a wide variety of options, handmade pasta, authentic wood-fired pizzas, and desserts with attractive mouths.

The restaurant also has a lot of special wines for you to choose from when you come to the restaurant. With the large spacious bar design, you can choose to dine in the dining room or the open-air outdoor space is both beautiful and gives you a feeling of both luxury and comfort.

Whether you are looking for a large party or simply enjoying a simple dinner, Ecco will surely satisfy you with its varied menu and beautiful space. Ecco restaurant is mainly in the direction of discovering the diversity of European flavors combined with the elegance of a modern, high-class Midtown restaurant. The impeccable vintage style, fine dining standards, and exceptional wine list will leave you in awe.

Start dining at the restaurant with honeyed cheeses, wood-fired flatbreads, pasta-inspired pasta, and traditional European-inspired dishes. With more than 17 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Chef Alan always wants to give customers the best experience at his restaurant.

Address: 40 7th St NE Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone number: (404) 347-9555.

5. Umi Restaurant

Umi Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of Two Buckhead Plaza, adjacent to St. Regis Hotel, and across the promenade from The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, Umi is Buckhead’s most popular spot. When you enter this restaurant, you will easily feel the elegance and beauty of the lights and the unique design of the restaurant. A small bar with cocktails will attract you at first sight.

Outside the bar is the main dining room, designed by Atlanta artist Todd Murphy. Matched with bold colors that favor dramatic natural elements, Murphy hand-fired cypress wood for the walls and installed a terrarium for display.
Located in Atlanta’s bustling Buckhead neighborhood, Umi restaurant combines classic with modern Japanese flavors. Designed by Atlanta artist and designer Todd Murphy, the elegant yet simple interior with organic elements lends a true closeness to the pure and clean qualities of Asian cuisine.

The restaurant’s menu includes the freshest fish from the best markets around the world and the highest quality ingredients available. Main courses include tempura grilled lobster, pan-fried foie gras and black cod miso, and assorted sushi. Accompanied by a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, sashimi, nigiri, specialties, and traditional rolls. The extensive drinks menu includes exclusive craft sake, craft cocktails, premium beer and wine, and hand-roasted Lamil coffee.

Address: 3050 Peachtreet St. NW, Atlanta, Georgia.

Phone number: (404) 841-0040.

6. Kevin Rathbun Steak

interior 1
Kevin Rathbun Steak

KEVIN RATHBUN STEAK is a top luxury steakhouse in Atlanta. Launched in 2007 by chef Kevin Rathbun Steak. Located in Atlanta’s Inman Park neighborhood. But when you step into the dining room, you will feel the luxury and friendliness. This can be considered a luxury restaurant serving only the best meats, seafood, and dishes.

The restaurant’s gorgeous ambiance offers plenty of comfortable seating, with an open fireplace to keep you cozy on chilly nights and a Big Ass fan to keep you cool on Atlanta’s hot summer days. Not only the luxurious and beautiful design but also the delicious food at the restaurant is also what makes the restaurant so popular with customers. The menu of dishes is diverse and impressive, made with quality and safe ingredients.

Most guests who come to the restaurant love Lobster Fritters, the perfect Japanese BBQ Wagyu Short Ribs, the one-of-a-kind Yaya’s Eggplant, and a host of other delicious dishes.
In addition, you can choose Steak for 2, served with burgers, ribs, seafood as well as delicious desserts.
This is a restaurant that you will have to try once when you come to Atlanta.

Address: 154 Krog St NE STE 200, Atlanta, GA 30307

Phone number: (404) 524-5600.

7. Eugene Restaurant

RestaurantEugene01 courtesy
Eugene Restaurant

A pioneer in fine dining, Eugene Restaurant is owned by award-winning chefs James Beard Linton Hopkins, and Gina Hopkins. Opened in 2004, the restaurant offers a diverse menu of dishes, making a special impression on customers when dining at the restaurant. This is also one of the restaurants that Experience 7 Best Fancy Restaurants In Atlanta would recommend to you.

Eugene’s menu is a combination of Eugene Restaurant, Holeman, and Finch Public House. This includes soups like gazpacho, salads, and appetizers like chicken with cheese, as well as sea bass, cod grouper, shrimp, and oysters. Southern vegetable dishes are also planned to be included on the menu by Eugene restaurant.

In addition to the food, a diverse drink menu including fine wines also contributed to the success of the restaurant, opening a new era of dining in Atlanta.

Address: 2277 Peachtree Rd suite a, Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone number: (404) 355-0321.

Hopefully, the article Experience 7 Best Fancy Restaurants In Atlanta will help you better understand the restaurants and food in Atlanta.

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