Discover The Tallest Hotel In New York City

New York is the largest city in the world and is also a tourist destination for many people from all over the world. But surely many people do not know that in New York there is also the tallest hotel in the world. Let’s Discover The Tallest Hotel In New York City through our article.

Space and Design


On January 8, 2014, Courtyard by Marriott was established and officially opened in New York, USA. With a total height of 760 feet, it has been named the tallest hotel in the world since it was inaugurated and put into operation.

The 5-star Courtyard by Marriott hotel, located near Times Square at 1717 Broadway, is two hotels of Marriott’s system with two buildings including Floors 6-33 are Courtyard by Marriott and floors 37-65 are Residence Inn by Marriott. The building consists of 68 floors and has a total of 639 rooms.

It was a strategic decision to divide the space between the two brands. “They are two distinct products for two distinct types of lodging,” said Arne Sorenson, president, and CEO of Marriott International. The remaining areas of the hotel, aside from the rooms, will be used as a common space for services such as a gym, cafe, restaurant, or event and conference rooms.

Everyone can register to participate in bodybuilding exercises on the 35th floor, which helps to improve health and reduce stress. The coffee shop on the fourth floor, as well as the meeting and event spaces, create the comfort and luxury that reflect the hotel’s international class.

The overall design of the reception area and the rooms at this hotel is modern and luxurious while remaining cozy and sophisticated. Customers will feel more at ease and relaxed when they come here to use the service.

Service Quality

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Rooms at the Courtyard by Marriott will cost from $300 per night or more. While the price for an all-inclusive stay at the Residence Inn will be $350 or more. Both have higher rates than other brand hotels around the city. The price difference compared to other brands is due to many reasons as well as its advantages.

Partly because of its prime location near Times Square and downtown park. This will help visitors staying at the hotel will easily move to places of interest and sightseeing in the city. Convenient transportation will easily meet the essential needs of life. This is also the main reason that Harry Gross, chairman, and CEO of G Holdings, the real estate development company behind this project, decided to charge a higher fee than many other hotel brands in the area.

Most of the hotel rooms have panoramic views of Central Park or Times Square. The height that the building owns as it is now is completely not in the plan of the construction. It all happened when the building was completed construction. This is what Mr. Gross shared with reporters and the press.

While Courtyard and Residence Inn are both established brands, there are subtle differences that make this particular property stand out from others in the area. The design of the hotel’s common space follows the abstract art style that not all hotels can follow. According to Discover The Tallest Hotel In New York City, you should come to visit and experience the service here once.


With a famous brand and international class, the quality of the hotel’s service is also something that people care about. Discover The Tallest Hotel In New York City will give you a closer look at the accommodations.
First of all, the spacious space of each room and the beautiful view when you can see Central Park and famous places in New York.

The design of each room is very delicate and luxurious, giving customers the most comfortable feeling when staying here. Each room will be fully equipped with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and free internet connection for you. There is also a refrigerator with water available for you to use if you need it.

Beds with soft blankets and mattresses ensure you the best sleep. A comfortable bathroom with fully modern equipment for you the most relaxing moments, bath soap, towels, bathtub, and all personal items are also available for you. Dynamic and professional staff is one of the great advantages of this hotel. The 24-hour front desk staff is always ready to meet your needs and support you during your stay at the hotel.

Discover The Tallest Hotel In New York City provides you with more information about the hotel’s available services. And of course, indispensable of every hotel is the hotel’s food and entertainment services. Restaurants and bars are available to serve your dining needs, the bars inside the hotel will bring you flavorful glasses of wine or cocktails and the best music entertainment.

Besides, a beauty spa and gym are also available in the hotel. If you want to shop or look for essential items, you can find convenience stores available in the hotel. It can be said that the hotel’s services are completely good and you should come to experience it once.

Location and Cost


According to Discover The Tallest Hotel In New York City, rooms at this hotel range from $300-$350 for a night’s stay. Compared to many hotels in the same area, this price seems to be higher, but with the advantages it possesses, I find this is a completely reasonable price for it.

Address: Courtyard New York / Times Square, 114 West 40th Street, New York, New York, USA, 10018
Phone number: +1 212-391-0088

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