Applying for Unemployment Benefits Online

We are aware that the pandemic has presented difficulties for both employers and workers; several companies have had to close and let go of their staff.  For further details on the Applying for unemployment benefits online (Coverage, Eligibility Requirements, Prescriptive Period of Filing, and Limitations), will provide for you some information about Applying for unemployment benefits online.

Who are Qualified to Applying for unemployment benefits online?

Applying for unemployment benefits online
Applying for unemployment benefits online

Covered employee who was forcibly terminated, including Kasambahay and OFW:

a. Not older than 60 at the time of the involuntary separation, with the exception of;

Not older than fifty (50) years old for surface or subterranean miners; not older than 55 years old for jockeys of racehorses.

b. Has made at least 36 monthly contributions, 12 of which must have been made in the 18 months immediately prior to the month of involuntary separation;

c. Did not receive a settled Applying for unemployment benefits online in the three (3) years preceding the date of the involuntary separation; and

d. Has had an involuntary separation from employment due to any of the following, but not only:

Any of the reasons listed below may be used to terminate an employee in accordance with Articles 298 (283) and 299 (284) of P.D. No. 442 or the Philippine Labor Code, as amended:

  • installing labor-saving equipment;
  • Redundancy;
  • downsize or retrenchment;
  • closing = ceasing to operate; or
  • Disease or disease of the employee whose ongoing employment is illegal or endangers the health of his or her coworkers.

Any of the legitimate reasons listed in Article 300 (285) of P.D. No. 442 or the Philippine Labor Code, as amended, for which an employee may terminate their employment without giving notice to their employer:

  • serious insults to the employee’s dignity and character from the employer or his agent;
  • treatment that is inhumane and intolerable that the employer or his or her representative gives the employee;
  • if the employer or a representative of the employer commits a crime or an offense against the employee or any member of the employee’s immediate family;

Other causes analogous to any of the foregoing.

  • economic decline
  • catastrophes that are either natural or caused by humans;
  • Other analogous situations that the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and SSS may determine.

Employees who have been involuntarily terminated from their work for reasons covered by Article 297 (282) of P.D. No. 442 or the Labor Code of the Philippines, as amended, and who have committed any of the following act(s), shall NOT be eligible to collect Applying for unemployment benefits online:

  • serious infractions;
  • willful disregard for legitimate commands
  • gross and persistent failure to perform obligations; fraud or
  • wilful betrayal of confidence;
  • Committing a crime; or Comparable situations like desertion,
  • egregious incompetence, disloyalty/conflict of interest/dishonesty.

What are the pre-requisite to Applying for unemployment benefits online?

Applying for unemployment benefits online
Applying for unemployment benefits online

1. Created an account on the SSS website’s My.SSS portal.

2. UMID card registered as an ATM or approved disbursement account on the My.SSS portal’s Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM).

3. Enter or choose the following options, then click “Proceed.”

  • The selected disbursement amount or UMID-ATM card.
  • Covered employee (including Kasambahay), mineworker, racehorse jockey, sea-based OFW, or land-based OFW are some examples of employment categories.
  • Date of the unwillful separation
  • Name of employer/company where the member was separated that is listed on the SSS.
  • To apply for an electronic Certification of Involuntary Separation, please visit your preferred DOLE, POLO, or POEA field or provincial office.

4. The SSS must validate the submitted information. After the UB Claim Application has successfully undergone system validation, the eligibility screen that displays the estimated Applying for unemployment benefits online amount will be presented. Click “Yes” if you want to continue with the application.

5. Read the Certification section, check the box that says “Click here to certify and proceed,” and then click “Proceed”.

6. After carefully reading the Data Consent, click “Click here to proceed” and then “Submit.”

7. Your Applying for unemployment benefits online has been filed successfully. Read the notification and instructions that are displayed on the screen before continuing with the DOLE/POEA/POLO Electronic Certification of Involuntary Separation application. You will also receive the same message or instruction at the email address you have on file.

8. The UB Claim must now wait for electronic validation of the member’s involuntary separation from DOLE/POEA/POLO. The certification from the relevant agency is what will cause the UB Application to be approved and the UB Claim to be paid.

The member must submit an application for an electronic certification of involuntary separation from the DOLE/POEA/POLO within 30 calendar days after receiving the notice. If the member doesn’t submit their application within the allotted time, their UB application will be automatically revoked, and they will need to submit a new UB application via the SSS website. One (1) week before the automatic cancellation of the UB application, the SSS shall email the affected member to warn them of this.

How can members apply for Electric Certification of Involuntary Separation?

Applying for unemployment benefits online
Applying for unemployment benefits online

1. In certain DOLE/POLO/POEA offices, the member may submit an application for an electronic certification of involuntary separation in person or online (please see the DOLE/POLO/POEA website).

DOLE Field/Provincial Office of the employer/company’s location for local workers/kasambahay.

POEA Central Office, any One-Stop Service Center for OFWs (OSSCO), POEA Regional Center, POEA Satellite Office (PSO), Regional Extension Unit (REU), or POLO where the foreign employer conducts business are the appropriate locations for land-based or sea-based OFWs.
If relevant, the appointment system already in place at the respective locations of application filing shall apply to the certification application.

2. The following information must be provided by the member upon submission of the application at the DOLE/POLO/POEA OFFICE or online through their respective websites:

  • As stated in the SSS email notification’s Transaction Number
  • one (1) valid identification card with a photo and a signature
  • Copy of the employer’s notice that your employment has been terminated, or in the absence of that notice, a properly notarized affidavit of termination.

For OFWs, the Employment Contract validated by POLO and/or documentation proving the OFW’s entrance in the Philippines, such as the OFW’s passport, are required to support the Affidavit of Termination of Employment.

    • Police report or a certificate of pending case, if appropriate.
    • The DOLE must authenticate the Certification of Involuntary Separation through the SSS web application system before approving a claim for jobless benefits.
    • The member’s email address recorded in My.SSS on the SSS Website will get an email message from the SSS informing them that their Applying for unemployment benefits online has been approved and credited.