American Family Insurance: Everything you need to know

American Family Insurance has higher-than-average premiums, but it’s worth considering because of its optional perks, like as lower deductibles and accident forgiveness, and broad discount opportunities. Another incentive to pick American Family Insurance is its low percentage of vehicle insurance complaints. Let’s follow us to find out more about American family insurance!

A brief history of American Family Insurance

Based on written premiums, American Family Insurance, also known as AmFam, is the 13th biggest property and casualty (P&C) insurance provider, the eighth largest homeowners’ insurance business, and the ninth biggest private passenger vehicle insurer in the United States.

Including over Ninety years of expertise, AmFam has grown to become one of the most well-known insurance companies in the United States. It has grown in popularity by capitalizing on the concept of the American dream and giving tailored coverage and assistance to those who pursue their aspirations. American Family Insurance has not always been a multi-line property and casualty business.

Herman Wittwer, an insurance salesman, launched it in Oct 1927 as a car insurance company for Wisconsin farmers. Farmers Mutual Vehicle Insurance Company was founded by Wittwer because he felt farmers’ driving practices were safer than city drivers’.

A brief history of American Family Insurance

Farmers Mutual evolved along with its consumers’ requirements. Between the 1930s as well as the 1960s, the company grew its product and market lines, and in 1963, the name was changed to American Family Mutual Insurance Provider to reflect its considerably larger client base. Since then, AmFam has experienced significant growth. It is presently the largest economy P&C insurer in the United States and ranks 232nd on the Fortune 500 list.

Does American Family Insurance sell through agents?

Yes, it does. American Family Insurance works with 2,800 individual employment agents, according to the company’s ‘Fast Facts’ page. Some AmFam affiliate firms, such as The General & Homesite, let customers purchase and administer their insurance directly online or over the phone.

What product lines does American Family Insurance offer?

American Family Insurance divides its product offerings into three categories: auto insurance, property and business insurance, and extra protection. The company provides vehicle insurance for automobiles, motorbikes, RVs, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, and historic autos. It provides coverage for houses, renters, condominiums, prefabricated homes, farm & ranch, & business insurance under property & business. Finally, AmFam provides life insurance, umbrella health coverage, identity theft protection, credit monitoring, health insurance, and travel insurance.

The American Family Insurance claims process

American Family Insurance’s promise is to “restore your dreams.” Insureds can file a car, house, or business insurance claim by calling 1-800-MY AMFAM (1-800-692-6326), contacting their AmFam insurance agent, or reporting a claim online.

Insureds who have an automobile insurance claim can use the American Family Insurance Dreams Restored Program (DRP) to find reliable, customer-friendly repairers in their communities. An insured’s damaged car receives priority treatment at a DRP facility, allowing them to get back on track as soon as possible. The insurer saves time and money by receiving and paying the bill directly (minus the deductible).

The American Family Insurance mobile app

The American Family Insurance mobile app

American Family Insurance, like many other prominent insurance businesses, is constantly seeking ideas on how to improve its client experience. From real-time transaction status to roadside help, the MyAmFam smartphone app has it all. Insureds may use their fingerprint to sign in to their protected app, which they can plan payments, record a claim, seek a policy modification, and discover fast digital evidence of insurance.

To monitor your young driver’s driving behavior, have them download the TeenSafeDriver app. The app’s goal is to help teenagers become better drivers. It tracks and rates each vehicle to show the youngster where he or she can improve. It identifies things including inattentive driving, excessive speed, and harsh braking. The program also allows parents to track their teen’s location. A 10% reduction is granted to the teen’s vehicle insurance coverage after 3,000 miles driven or one year in the program. Rates will not rise regardless of the teen’s driving record.

American Family Insurance Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly

American Family Insurance’s advertising campaign, “Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly,” emphasizes the company’s view that enabling dreams demands genuine support, not simply applauding from the sidelines. “Everyone has a dream,” says the insurance. That ours is to assist you in achieving yours.”

“Customers pick American Family Insurance since we interact with them via relevant content that goes beyond traditional advertising, challenging them

to dream courageously while knowing we’re safeguarding them along the way,” said Telisa Yancy, American Family Insurance’s chief marketing officer. “Our endorsers are a crucial part of this message, supporting and advocating goals, sharing your own stories, hardships, and successes, and leading by example.”

American Family Insurance Charitable Organizations

Volunteerism, inventiveness, and skill are all ways in which the AmFam Dreams Foundation gives back. The organization was founded in services and programs in 47 states through community grants, hurricane relief operations, and United Way campaign contributions in 2020. American Family will give over $3.3 million to double employee donations in 2020.

The Steve Stricker AmFam Foundation was established in 2013 to further the cooperation between AmFam and PGA Tour player Steve Stricker. The foundation supports educational projects and organizations dedicated to developing stable families and healthy children.


We’ve put together what you should know about American Family Insurance. Hope they are useful to you, and give you a better overview of American Family Insurance.


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