Top 9 Best Hawaiian Food In San Diego

Hawaii is always considered a great destination for anyone with a passion for travel. It is not only famous for its beautiful natural scenery like a paradise but also attracts tourists of a very unique culinary culture. In this post Top 9 Best Hawaiian Food In San Diego, we will introduce you to the best Hawaiian cuisine restaurants in San Diego.

1. Duke’s La Jolla

Top 9 Best Hawaiian Food In San Diego
Duke’s La Jolla

Duke’s La Jolla was created in honor of Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii. It was an Olympic medalist in swimming and water polo. He is also the father of modern surfing. With a location overlooking La Jolla Cove, Duke’s serves customers with all hospitality and sincerity, along with the best dishes, imbued with the flavors of Hawaiian cuisine.

Duke’s La Jolla has assembled a team of talented chefs to create the best Hawaiian food at La Jolla. Dishes are prepared with a fusion of cultures from locally sourced, seasonal natural ingredients. Duke’s is a multi-story restaurant dedicated to surfing and the beach lifestyle.

Displayed throughout the restaurant is a collection of historic, original, and replica surfboards gifted by professional surfing legends, or like-minded enthusiasts. The restaurant offers in-house dining and a bar with shared tables and a panoramic patio.
The food at the restaurant costs about 13-20$.

Address: 1216 Prospect St La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone number: (858) 454-5888

2. The Grass Skirt

the grass skirt 1
The Grass Skirt

Crafted by famous designer Davis Krumins and located in the heart of the pacific beach. The grass skirt uses traditional elements interspersed with modern details that will transport you to a beautiful place, suitable for dining and watching the sunset.

The Grass Skirt has a comfortable, spacious space and a special design that is sure to impress customers when coming here. The Grass Skirt is also one of the most loved Hawaiian restaurants in San Diego. In addition to the restaurant’s exclusive dish of tropical bash, the restaurant also features a traditional Hawaiian roast pig.

Combined with the actual entertainment, you can taste rum, eat Polynesian snacks, and watch live fish shows and local artists.

Address: 910 grand ave, San Diego, CA 92109
Phone number: 858,412.5237

3. Homestyle Hawaiian

homestyle hawaiian
Homestyle Hawaiian

Homestyle Hawaiian is a restaurant in San Diego, California, offering home-style Hawaiian cuisine and catering. All of our meals and items are cooked fresh for authentic flavor. This restaurant provides catering services for weddings, parties, and special events for companies, families, and even individuals. Catering is available, catering for up to 1,000 people.

In addition to the on-site food service, the restaurant also has a shuttle service. The menu of dishes at the restaurant is also quite diverse from main dishes, appetizers, and desserts all bearing the flavor of Hawaiian cuisine.

Address: 7524 Mesa College Dr. San Diego, CA 92111
Phone number: (858) 571-5828

4. Bali Hai

bali hai front
Bali Hai

Bali Hai Restaurant is a riverside restaurant with Hawaiian flavors and was named the most beautiful riverside restaurant here. Inspired by the Pacific Rim, lunchtime dishes include the Bulgogi Steak Sandwich, followed by Korean-origin roast beef, served with sweet chili aioli, and bean sprouts. chi and onions on focaccia bread. Lobster bread is also served on a demi baguette with pickled paprika, carrots, cilantro, and horn peppers.

Bali Hai is a short drive from the city center with ample free parking along the scenic San Diego Bay. The food, the sweeping views, and the modern Polynesian design make for a great lunch experience.
Lunch is served Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 3 pm.

Lunch dishes include Smoked Salmon Salad with mizuna, red oak lettuce, toast, parmesan, and tomato vinaigrette, paired with classic Balinese favorites such as Hai like Braised Hawaiian Tuna, Coconut Shrimp, and Cheesecake, topped with a scrambled egg or bacon and served with a rich truffle pepper mayo.

Address: 2230 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106
Phone number: (619) 222-1181

5. Roy’s Restaurant

Roys Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine Anaheim 650x433 1
Roy’s Restaurant

Roy’s Restaurant is located on the waterfront in Steinhatchee, Florida, and overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. Opened in 1969, this restaurant serves some of the best Hawaiian seafood in the Big Bend area of the state. With beautiful space and delicious food, the restaurant will give you the best experience of watching the sunset along the coast.

With famous seafood dishes and delicious steaks, you will have to come back here again and again for the great food and casual atmosphere. It is also the ideal place for family or friends gatherings or private events.
Besides the typical Hawaiian seafood dishes, you can also enjoy delicious desserts and drinks.

Address: 321 W Katella Ave Ste 105 Anaheim, CA 92802
Phone number: (714) 776-7697

6. Leilani Cafe

leilani cafe
Leilani Cafe

Leilani’s Cafe was founded in 2002 by Leilani and her family. When it first opened, it was just a simple cafe with coffee, bread, and pastries. But now it has expanded in size and is a restaurant with more than 50 outdoor seats and 10 indoor seats with extremely diverse and delicious dishes with strong Hawaiian flavors.
Here you can choose to eat directly at the restaurant or take away. The food at this restaurant costs about 20$.

Address: 5109 Cass St San Diego, CA 92109
Phone number: (858) 361-1280

7. Chris’ Ono Grinds Island Grill – North Park

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Chris’ Ono Grinds Island Grill – North Park

Chris’ Ono Grinds Island Grill – North Park is a restaurant that attracts many visitors to dine after long walks. A diverse menu of Hawaiian cuisine is what you are served at Chris’ Ono Grinds Island Grill – Liberty Station.
Delicious pasta salad, chicken, and pork kalua are the standout dishes at this restaurant.
Here you can eat directly at the restaurant or you can also order takeout.

Address: 4506 30th St, San Diego
Phone number: (619) 269-9962

8. Poki One N Half

poke one half 7
Poki One N Half

Also one of the Top 9 Best Hawaiian Food In San Diego, Poki One N Half restaurant is a restaurant located in the shopping center where the Mitsuwa market is located. This restaurant specializes in serving poke bowls of your own choice.

This is also one of the most popular places when people want to enjoy Hawaiian cuisine in San Diego. The dishes are prepared at the restaurant, your job is to choose those items to create a poke bowl according to your preferences.
In addition to the main course of poke out, the restaurant also serves desserts depending on the day, which can be cakes or can also be seasonal fruits.

Address: 8055 Armor St, Ste C, San Diego, CA 92111
Phone number: (657) 212-5587

9. Pokirrito

LZPokirrito 12.0

Also in the Top 9 Best Hawaiian Food In San Diego, Pokirrito restaurant serves Hawaiian and Japanese dishes. This unique combination creates a highlight for the restaurant and it has attracted many customers to come here to enjoy the food.

The signature dish at the Hawaiian-flavored restaurant is Poke, you can still choose the ingredients and dishes to create your bowl of the best poke. In addition, the restaurant has Japanese dishes such as sushi and side dishes such as burritos.

Address: 4646 Convoy St Ste 101-A San Diego, CA 92111
Phone number: (858) 573-9090

This is the Top 9 Best Hawaiian Food In San Diego, these restaurants not only serve Hawaiian food but also have a lot of other special dishes for everyone to enjoy. You’re missing out if you don’t try one of these restaurants in San Diego.

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