Top 7 Best Beaches In San Diego

Located just south of Los Angeles and north of the Mexican border, San Diego combines perfect weather with the best beaches. Create a beautiful land, suitable for sightseeing and tourism activities.
In addition to the spacious public beaches to welcome tourists, San Diego also has pristine, deserted but still very beautiful beaches. Here we will introduce you to the Top 7 best beaches in San Diego.

1, Pacific Beach

Top 7 Best Beaches In San Diego
Pacific Beach

Located between La Jolla to the north and Mission Beach to the south, Pacific Beach (also known as P.B. by locals) has its character.
The area was used as a Navy base during World War II, but in the 1960s it developed into a thriving neighborhood. Currently, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are the main attraction for young tourists, mainly freelancers, and students.

Daytime life in P.B. is quite peaceful but there is no shortage of activities either. On sunny afternoons, the beach will be the focus of outdoor activities such as volleyball, picnics, and even vibrant music.
If you come here, try to experience the food at one of the restaurants located along the beach or enjoy a cool drink and sea view at the restaurant or hotel nearby.

Pacific Beach has a separate surf area, Tourmaline Surfing Park, which is considered an ideal place for beginners because the waves here are very light.
A little further north is a popular beach area. If you’re not into the water, get on your bike or skate to explore the boardwalk or fish on Crystal Pier as you’ll most likely catch big fish in these calm Pacific waters.

Like other beaches in the area, Pacific Beach also offers baths and showers located along the boardwalk.
Parking at Pacific Beach is very limited, so public transport will be the preferred option for visitors. San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit system has several bus routes from downtown to Pacific Beach.

 2, La Jolla Shores Beach

La Jolla Shores Beach
La Jolla Shores Beach

La Jolla is famous for its upscale neighborhoods and beautiful coastline along La Jolla Cove. La Jolla Shores beach seems like an ideal place for a trip and explores 1 of the 7 best beaches in San Diego.
La Jolla Shores Beach is located north of La Jolla Bay and is surrounded by a stretch of soft sand about a mile long, and La Jolla Pier is not far away.

With a special location, facing the back of La Jolla Cove, you will experience the wonderful things of nature, one side is the open ocean and the other side is rugged cliffs with many species of wildlife.
This beachfront area in La Jolla Shores is ideal for surfers.

3, Beacon Beach

Beacon Beach
Beacon Beach

Beacon’s Beach is part of Leucadia State Beach in Encinitas. The beach has a pristine beauty, surrounded by high mountains, with densely built houses and apartments on the top.
Like many other beaches in the area, you’ll have to park your car at the top of the hill and walk down to the beach via a winding road. It is a popular surfing spot and also a sunbathing spot for many visitors.
Since this is a fairly unspoiled beach, there will not be too many tourist activities, visitors coming here will only see coarse sand and lots of rocks around.

During low tide, you can explore the sea life in the many tidepools.
This beach is a favorite among locals, so you won’t find too many tourists here. The road leading to the beach is a bit winding but it makes up for it with the beautiful scenery and pristine sand here. This place is a suitable place to meet people in the area, you can catch the beautiful sunset here or just lie down and listen to the waves.

4, San Onofre Surf Beach

San Onofre Surf Beach
San Onofre Surf Beach

San Onofre Surf Beach is located next to Camp Pendleton in San Diego. The beach and state park have a total area of ​​3,000 acres (1,214 ha). It is considered one of California’s most popular beaches and hosts annual events such as surfing, swimming, camping, and other water sports activities. This is also a place that attracts nature lovers, campers, and cyclists.
To get to this public beach we’ll take the Old Pacific Highway from San Clemente.

With a name like Surf Beach, you can understand that this beach is a suitable vacation spot and attracts surfers from all over the area.
It is considered one of the top surfing destinations for beginners in Southern California.
Volleyball courts and fire rings are provided next to the parking area along the beach.

Beach safety is one of the reasons why most people love San Onofre beach. Lifeguards and rangers are patrolling the trails and beaches. You can also ask the park ranger about the weather and water conditions to ensure your safety before going into the sea.

However, because this beach is often very crowded, keeping track of people can be difficult. So always be cautious in San Onofre. Whether you’re in the campground or the water, always stay safe.


5, Scripps Beach

Scripps Beach
Scripps Beach

Scripps Beach is located adjacent to UCSD’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography campus north of La Jolla. Scripps Pier is a special-length concrete bridge, but unfortunately, it is not open to the public.

Scripps Beach is much quieter than La Jolla Coast. If you want a quiet sea view, this is the right choice. Surfers can also come here often as they have a designated private surfing area (north of the pier), separate from the swimming and boating areas to the south.

To get here, you’ll drive north on La Jolla Shores Drive and turn left onto El Paseo Grande, then find street parking. There’s a stairway to the beach just north of El Paseo Grande, or you can walk across the campus and go to the north side of the pier.

Note that parking at La Jolla Shores is plentiful and you can walk to the pier from there which is interesting. Caroline’s Cafe, located on Scripps Beach south of the pier, has good food and great views.

6, Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach
Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is the ultimate San Diego experience and the perfect vacation spot for your family. The long sandy beaches here are special and sparkling, thanks to the mica mineral in its golden sands. That is one of the reasons why Coronado is ranked 15th in the list of the most beautiful beaches of 2022.

Drive over the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, 200 feet high, and you’ll find one of the best views in San Diego. If you have a day at this beach, you must stroll through the shops and restaurants of Orange Avenue, and enjoy some local wine here.

Coronado Central Beach runs along Ocean Boulevard, with the backdrop of luxury homes, villas, and the Hotel del Coronado nearby. This beach is also frequented by locals and their companions because it is quite dog-friendly. You can take your dogs for a walk on the beach.

Glorietta Bay offers unique views of the Glorietta Bay Hotel and the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. Glorietta Bay Beach is a great place for families to vacation in San Diego. Coronado Beach has free parking on Ocean Avenue and at the Ferry Market. For tourists, there will be separate parking locations.

Restrooms and shower facilities are available on most beaches in Coronado and on the Silver Strand. Lifeguard stations are staffed seasonally depending on weather conditions and the number of patrons on the beach.
Besides, the beach also has activities such as surfing, boating, windsurfing, sunbathing…

7, Voltaire Street Beach

Voltaire Street Beach
Voltaire Street Beach

To find Voltaire Street Beach you will need to move down from Point Loma Hill. Not only will you find one of the area’s most popular beaches, but you’ll also find a host of bars, restaurants, and other shops for you to experience and enjoy.

This beach is loved by many tourists because it is not nearly as busy or crowded as other beaches.
Voltaire Street Beach is also a special local spot, where one can find a large grassy area with picnic tables for visitors to enjoy.

While Voltaire Street Beach is a favorite with locals, it’s also one of the coolest beaches in San Diego. There are many reasons why this beach is so popular. This beach is considerably larger than some of the others so it is spacious and has plenty of room for vacationers.

The large parking lot, as well as the public baths and toilets for beachgoers to enjoy, are also great perks. The Ocean Beach bike path at the end of the beach is also a place where visitors can watch the beautiful sunset here.
Lifeguard towers and some volleyball posts are also located at this location. Whether you’re coming for the day or a few hours, take some time to experience it at Voltaire Street Beach.

These are the 7 best beaches in San Diego. Your vacation and family will be wonderful if you choose to experience one of these beautiful beaches.

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