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Homeowners insurance allstate, which was founded in 1931, has developed into one of the biggest insurers in the United States, with almost $51 billion in revenue in 2021 and about More than 175 million policies and 16 million consumers. Esurance and Encompass are two of the insurance firms owned by Allstate. Homeowners insurance allstate is situated in Northbrook, Illinois, and has an A+ (“Superior”) financial strength rating from AM Best. Below we have outlined the benefits when you use homeowners insurance allstate.

Pros and cons of homeowners insurance allstate:

Pros and cons of homeowners insurance allstate


  • Allstate offers homeowners insurance allstate in each of the 50 states.
  • After a loss, optional coverage replaces goods with more energy-efficient models.
  • While a house is inhabited by renters, the HostAdvantage plan offers protection against damage and theft.


  • Among the businesses for whom we have rate information, average premiums are the highest.
  • Allstate, the company tied for third in our ranking of the Best House Insurance Companies of 2023, provides homeowners insurance allstate in each of the 50 states. Consumers have a variety of options to choose from, some of which are unique among the providers we looked at, to supplement its basic house insurance offers.
  • Typical insurance covers the house of the policyholder, guards against personal responsibility, theft, or damage to personal goods, and pays for medical expenses if someone is hurt on the premises.
  • Also, consumers have the option of adding extra coverage to make their property greener in the event that something needs to be replaced or repaired due to a loss. The Green Improvement Reimbursement pays for any additional expenses incurred when substituting more energy-efficient versions of covered items.
  • The HostAdvantage plan, which is a type of home-sharing insurance, offers additional coverage as well. It provides additional protection from theft and damage while renters are living there.
  • Additional choices include water backup coverage and identity theft restoration coverage, which pays expenses if you become a victim of identity theft.
  • The highest average sample rate for a company in our assessment for which we have rate information was Allstate’s insurance at $264 per month.
  • The independent grading group AM Best has given the business an A+ for financial strength.

Bottom Line:

Allstate provides the common coverages that homeowners expect, along with a wide range of options to personalize and broaden coverages. Nonetheless, the cost of regular coverage is among the highest in our ranking. Opportunities to alter a design exist with options that prioritize energy efficiency and protect a house when it is rented out.

What Extra Homeowners Insurance Coverages Does Allstate Offer?

What Extra Homeowners Insurance Coverages Does Allstate Offer?

There are several choices available from homeowners insurance Allstate to enhance or increase coverage over what is included in a typical home insurance policy. To find the right coverage for your needs, it’s always a good idea to speak with an agent or company representative.

  • Personal umbrella insurance: To protect against lawsuits from guests hurt on your property, a regular Allstate homes policy includes liability insurance. But, such policies contain exclusions, so if yours is reached, you could not be covered. A personal umbrella policy gives you extra protection against financial losses and damages resulting from property damage, bodily injury, and other calamities.
  • Flood insurance: If the issue wasn’t the result of poor maintenance, Allstate, like the majority of insurers, should cover you for water damage from a burst pipe or broken washing machine hose. However, flooding brought on by overflowing rivers, seas, or other waterways is not protected. If you reside in a flood zone, your lender can insist on a separate policy for this coverage.
  • HostAdvantage: Allstate was the first significant insurance provider to provide insurance for home-sharing. This extra insurance aids in defending homeowners from damage and theft brought on by renting out their residence.
  • Identity theft restoration: In the event that your identity is stolen, this service pays for your legal fees, lost wages, and other associated costs.
  • Water backup: For many homeowners, it may be wise to purchase additional coverage for water damage brought on by backed-up drains and sump pumps. According to the Civil Engineering Research Foundation, the average age of American sewer lines is 30 years, and the number of sewer backups is rising by about 3% annually.
  • Scheduled personal property: insurance covers pricey possessions that the proprietor has valued, such as jewelry, collections, and antiques.
  • Business property: You might want to think about getting more coverage if you work from home or just keep goods linked to your business in your home.
  • Sports equipment: Coverage for you or anyone living in your home who keeps pricey sporting goods there.
  • Garden and yard: Equipment and tools for maintaining the grass and landscaping are covered to a greater extent.
  • Electronic data recovery: This insurance can pay for the price of restoring your lost data and photographs if your computer is destroyed or stolen.
  • Music instruments: You may add extra protection for your collection of musical instruments.
  • Reimbursement for green improvements: Extra insurance that helps pay for the cost of replacing broken appliances with more energy-efficient ones.

What Homeowners Insurance Discounts Are Offered by Allstate?

In order to help you save money on your home insurance, Allstate offers a number of discounts. The insurance provider advises speaking with an insurance expert who can help you uncover all of the savings that are available to you if you want to make sure you get the greatest cost and coverage for your house. Among the strategies to cut costs are:
  • Multiple-policy discount.Policyholders can save up to 25% by bundling their house and vehicle insurance.
  • Easy Pay Scheme.By setting up recurring premium payments, you can save up to 5%.
  • Free-of-charge discount.For new customers who move to Allstate and have not filed any recent claims, Allstate offers discounts of up to 20%.
  • discount on protective equipment. Houses with alarm systems or other fire or theft protection may be entitled to a discount.
  • discount for joining early.Policyholders can receive a discount of up to 10% from Allstate if they purchase a new policy at least seven days before their current one expires.
  • both a welcome and a loyalty discount.New Allstate customers who transfer from another insurer can save up to 10% yearly. Every year you remain an Allstate customer, that savings will be maintained.
  • discount for homebuyers.The purchase of a freshly built home or recent homebuyers may qualify for a discount.
  • Discount for responsible payment. You can be qualified for this reduction if you have a history of good payment habits, such as paying bills on time or in full.